Cut-Sheet Thermoforming Equipment

                        Available – Standard Cut-Sheet Equipment Designs…

                            *Single, Double-End, & Three-Sided Modular/Shuttle Thermoformers

                         *Standard Vacuum-Formers, Pressure-Formers, & Twin-Sheet –Formers

                                         *Three, Four & Six Station Rotary Thermoformers

All Standard Equipment can be Custom Designed for EACH Customers Needs!

Modular/Shuttle Style Thermoformers

                ​-Standard Heavy -Duty Design Single-Station Thermoformer

​                -Standard Heavy-Duty Design Double-End Thermoformer

                -Standard Heavy-Duty Design Three-Station Thermoformer

                -Special-Application Vertical-Design Pre-Print Sheet  Thermoformer

  • GP - Option

​​                -General-Purpose Normal-Duty Design Modular-Style Thermoformer 

  • PF - Option

                ​-Pressure-Forming Capabilities

                     -Avaliable for all models except the SV-Series

  • TS - Option

               -​Twin-Sheet/Pressure Forming Capabilities​​

                     -Avaliable for all models except for SV-Series

Rotary Style Thermoformers

​​                -Three-Station Rotary Thermoformer &/or Pressure-Former

                ​-Three-Station Rotary Thermoformer/Pressure-Former

                -​Four-Station Rotary Thermoformer

                -Four-Station Rotary Thermoformer/Pressure-Former/Twin-Sheet

​                -Six-Station Rotary  Special Application Thermoformer/Pressure-Former/Twin-Sheet

Standard Machine Specifications:

  • Heavy-Duty Machine Design – We’ll Compare Our Designs to any Others
  • Oven-Heating Station with Upper &/or Lower Oven-Heating Banks
  • Upper & Lower Standard Vacuum-Forming Capable Form-Platens
  • Electric Two-Speed Sheet-Car Index System –High-Speed
  • Pneumatic Clamp-Frames

                - Extruded Aluminum Style – Strongest in the Industry

                - Pin-Bar Style (steel)

  • Four-Point (Two-Point with “GP”-option) Platen Stabilization System
  • Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic Platen-Drive Systems – Rugged & Dependable
  • 12”/second Platen Travel-Speed
  • Electric Direct-Drive Platen-Actuation System – No Drive-Chains or Sprockets
  • Hydraulic – Proportional/Servo-Valve Control
  • Integrated PLC Machine Controls
  • Fully Guarded

Additional Available Machine Specifications/Options:

  • Platen Actuation – Speeds up to 18”/second
  • Pressure-Forming Capabilities up to 100psi
  • Oven-Heating System Options…

                - Ceramic Heating Elements –Color-Changing Elements

                - Electric-Panel Heating Elements

                - Gas-Catalytic Panel Heating Elements – We’re the Industry Leader

                - Quartz-Tube or Halogen (New Technology) Heating Elements

  • Clamp-Frame Systems

                -Extruded-Aluminum Style

                     -- optional: Quick-Change System –Rigid & Easy to Change

                - Pin-Bar Style

                     -- optional: Telescoping System – Special only to Monark

  • Controls

                - PC Based

                - PLC Based (Allen-Bradley)

                    -- User-Friendly

                   -- Special Color-Zone Temperature Profiles

​Cut-Sheet & Roll-Fed Thermoformers Built for the 21st Century

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